Back from Mexico!

We just got back from our 5 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Here’s are some photos.

We have much more video than photos and will make everyone watch it at some point! Happy


Weekend in Vegas

Got home Sunday night from a long weekend in Vegas. We were there for my friend Dawn’s son (Tyler’s) high school graduation. Fun pool times in my parents new pool were had by all. I’ll get a movie up of the event as soon as I can. We head to Mexico in about 10 days!

Tyler with his graduation cake!

Everyone in the pool...


PJ and Shia

PJ finally got his photo with Shia from the on set photographer.
They were on set in downtown L.A.,a couple months ago shooting the new Cage video - Shia directed.

Here’s a link to the video: Cage “I Never Knew You”


The pool is done!

My parents pool is finally done. Here’s a pic of mom and Debbie enjoying to pool.



NIN and Jane's Addiction Show

Brent flew back to St. Louis yesterday, but will be back out here in about a week. After dealing with far too much runaround, he finally found a house to rent in the Granada Hills area.

We’ll be traveling to Santa Barbara with Brent on May 21st to see Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction in concert. We’re staying there Thursday night and then we’re going to see Flight of the Conchords on Friday, then driving back to L.A. after that show. Should be fun times!


Diane's Parents Putting in a Pool

My (Diane) parent’s pool is nearly complete. They will be spraying in the inside quartz lining this Friday and then it can be filled with water.... here’s pic of where it’s at as of today.pool


Trip Planned for Mexico

We have officially booked our Mexico trip to Puerto Vallarta for June 25th - June 30th. We’re going to an all inclusive, adults only resort. Now we just have to see if they get this swine flu under control so we don’t have to cancel! Happy


Brent is Visiting

Brent is staying with us for about 3 weeks while he looks for a place to live. He and the family will be moving back to L.A. in May or June I believe.

So Brent and PJ went for an interview this morning to be on a stunt driving game show... If they get picked then they will get a call some time in May, and shoot in June. So we’ll keep you posted.